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Website Project Onboarding

Use this form after executing your contract as the first step required for us to begin designing and building your gorgeous new website. Please contact us with any questions.  LET’S GO!

Website Design Onboarding
Website Access: If you currently have an active website, we will need access so that content, images and other resources can be repurposed for the new design. This is not required, however it reduces the website design time and may lower overall costs.
Domain Name Information (DNS): To host your website or set up a new host, we need access to your domain name with the ability to change your DNS records. If we do not handle DNS changes for you, you will need to have someone make necessary changes on our behalf. DNS information is generally managed through your domain name registrar, like Godaddy, ENOM or Namecheap. If you do not have help to make necessary DNS changes, please provide your domain name login credentials below.
Website Hosting If you already have an account with a hosting company and want us to use it for this website, please provide your account credentials with cpanel access below. If you want us to advise you on which host we think would be best for your new website, place a check in the box provided.
Do you want us to advise you on a Host? *
Email Hosting: If you currently use an email service through your website domain name (like name@yourdomain.com), we recommend that you do not change your email service provider. However, in some instances, a change is necessary. Changing your email service provider may require that all email users change how they access their email and/or require users to set up MS Outlook and mobile phone connections from scratch. Also, historical email data may be completely lost. If you do not have an email service under your company domain name, but would like this service, we can create an email account for you. If you use a third-party email provider like Gmail or Microsoft, no changes need to be made.
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Website Design Elements & Logo: Do you have or need a logo? Logo design is a separate service and requires a separate fee. We are happy to design a logo if requested. If you want a logo, what colors do you want? Do you want us to use the colors in your existing logo? If logo design assistance is needed, please elaborate below. Include exact HEX or RGB colors if available, otherwise, we'll do our best to copy your existing colors.
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Website Design Elements - Images: Do you have high resolution images you want to use on your websites? We will use stock images if images are not provided by you. If you do not like the images we find, you will need to assist with finding images. There may be fees to acquire images that are out of our image library networks. If you have images, you can upload up to 5 images below. If you have more than 5 images you want us to use, we'll make other arrangements for you to upload those images to your website.
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Website Design Elements - Functionality: Will your website require any special functionality like an IDX feed for real estate, MLS data, e-commerce webstore capability, booking engine, document library, scheduling system or other? Website Contact Us form is included in the bid price.
Website Design Elements - Reviews, Awards, Certifications, Testimonials: Per request, we can add content to highlight any special awards, certifications, reviews, etc., to your website. These details can be copied from an existing website if available.
Website Design Elements - Content: Do you have existing content to use on the new site design or content that exists on a prior design that we can copy? If not, will we need to create it? Approximately how many pages will need to be authored? For SEO compatibility, we strongly recommend a minimum of 250 words on every web page and more than 300 words on the home page.
Website Pages & Navigation: If you have an existing website, we can use it to guide which pages are created and how navigation is organized. We will make adjustments as needed if we feel that improvements can be made over your existing websites. However, feel free to suggest which pages you wish to have on the new design below.
General Design Comments: Additional comments that could help your website design team execute services are very much welcomed!