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Social Media


Why Social Media is Important

Search engines notice when you regularly post to social media. For example, if you have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, Google has an easier time assigning authority and trustworthiness to your brand and website. They’re also great ways for you to communicate with your customers since a large majority of companies and consumers are already there. When you show up where your customers are, you have more credibility in their minds.  In other words, your brand is “legit” when you show up where they are and where they expect “everybody” is. The right social media strategy positions your company to be trusted.

There likely are several social media platforms relevant to your business. Facebook and Twitter are essential to every business. But we add one other to the mix depending on your type of business. For instance, if yours is a B2B company (Business-to-Business), we’ll most certainly add LinkedIn as one more primary social media.  If you sell to consumers, other platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest may be more appropriate.

Social Media Management

This can be roughly compared to organic SEO.  Having a strong presence on all the FREE features of social media is very important to your overal marketing strategy.  Like SEO, this is a long-term process and a constant weekly presence is required to maximize your long-term effect. Our social media management services take care of this for you.

Social Media Ads

 Of course, our section on Facebook Ads covers this topic for Facebook, but what about the other social meda, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and the rest?  They all have their own programs and we understand them.  We leverage your social media budget to maximize your ROI for driving leads, sales or both to enhance your business purposes.

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