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Social Management


Why Social Media Is Important

Posting to social media is one of the important ranking factors that gets you noticed by search engines. It helps build your authority when you regularly post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.  It’s especially effective when your customers and others interact with you through these platforms.  This is one of the best ways to build your brand. 

A primary factor in the Google Algorithm is E.A.T. (Expertise. Authoritativeness.  Trust.) One of the methods used to evaluate your E.A.T. is to measure your social presence.  if it’s non-existent or weak, your E.A.T. score suffers and it’s harder for you to rank on high in SERPs. We manage Facebook Ads in addition to social posts and know how to get the most out of your budget.  Our social management services takes the time and hassle out of doing it yourself. Let us do what we do best (manage your social media) so you can do what you do best (run your business)!

Our Social Media Ninjas Built Authority

In today’s market, you NEED a strong social presence.  This is one of the ways potential customers and existing customers trust your company. They need to KNOW you’re on their favorite social sites. The authority and trust you gain isn’t JUST about search engines.  It’s about what your customers want, need and expect!

How We Social

  • BLOGGING – We ONLY create original content in our blog articles. A minimum of 300 is required for a blog article, but we have found longer articles – provided they are filled with superb content – often get more relevant traffic.
  • OFF-SITE ARTICLES – Off site articles are typically hlonger and are posted to reputable E-Zine sites, providing valuable back links.
  • WEB PAGE CONTENT – Even though web page writing contains generally less writing than blog articles, as long as they are “on-point” for the page, the content enhances SEO.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media MUST be kept up to date. Our team can do this for you.
  • MISCELLANEOUS – Whatever you need, let us know and we’ll “git-er-dun!”

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