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Local SEO 

Helping our clients beat their local competitors is one of our specialties.

Winning at Local SEO 

Our team has been at this since 1998 and has more experience than most SEO firms in the USA. Winning the Local SEO game is essential for all companies,  but it’s especially important for businesses whose entire success depends on transactions from a local customer base. The difference between national and local SEO is the extreme focus on ranking local-based keywords at the top where you’ll get the highest response.

If you have a local business, we can help you beat all your non-local competitors. Furthermore, most of your local competitors won’t have the advantage YOU do of working with our highly experienced and proven team who insist on the best possible results for all clients. Your content will be optimized, your technical SEO will be handled efficiently and you’ll gain inbound links to assure your site’s authority and high ranking, starting out with business citations. 

Local SEO Tasks

  • KEYWORD RESEARCH.  Identify the most relevant phrases to drive traffic to your website and generate sales.
  • INITIAL ON-SITE VISIBLE CONTENT OPTIMIZATION.   We analyze the content of your website with special consideration or your target keywords.
  • INITIAL ON-SITE NON-VISIBLE OPTIMIZATION. We check your HTML elements such as META tags, page titles, alt tags, image names and descriptions, etc.
  • SEO INFRASTRUCTURE EVALUATION.  An overall review of your website indludes quality of inbound links, number of inbound links, on-page link crawling, content crawling, content impact on search, robots.txt, duplicate content issues and other factors that can impact your SERP ranking.
  • SCHEMA MARKUP.  Examination of your schema.org compliance especially as it relates to JSON-LD format for CMS.
  • BAD LINK CLEANUP. If we find bad inbound links, we’ll post them to Google Disavow to reduce their negative impact on your rankings.
  • WEBSITE ARCHIVE. We’ll archive the web pages impacted by our initial evaluation so there is a before and after record of the work done on your behalf.
  • BUSINESS DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS.  One of the best ways to start building backlinks is through credible business listing portals such as manta.com or Merchant Circle.
  • ONLINE YELLOWPAGE SUBMISSIONS. There are also many online yellow pages to help build initial backlinks, such as SuperPages.com.
  • BPS & MOBILE MAP SUBMISSIONS. Even more link building can be done by submitting your profile through GPS Systems like Tom Tom, Chevy, Toyota and other major automotive manufacturers who provide mobile phone, built-in vehicle and desktop systems.
  • VOICE RECOGNITION & SEARCH SUBMISSIONS.  Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri are examples of voice technology that is becoming ubiquitous, especially for mobile users.  We ensure our clients show up on these systems.
  • EVEN MORE LINKS THROUGH ENTIRE BUSINESS LISTING NETWORK. The sources we’ve already mentioned provide a total of more than 200 end sources that will provide early backlinks to your website.
  • GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. Or, “GMB” as it is known in the industry, forms one of the core elements of your local SEO strategy.  Ensuring our client’s sites are optimized for GMB is a “must”.
  • XML SITEMAPS. This is one of hundreds of ranking factors employed by the Google search algorithm to rank websites.  These sitemaps enable th BOTS to easily crawl your website.  Simply put, if you don’t have an XML Sitemap, you won’t rank high enough.
  • SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS.  Website submissions to more than 25 USA-based search engines are included.  So, if you think Google is the only one, think again, because there are many tier-2 search engines like DuckDuckGo, 7Search, Ask.com, Mamma.com and so many more.  We include ALL of them!
  • ADAPTAION TO SEARCH ENGINE RANKING UPDATES.  Google is constantly updating their altorithm. Many people don’t realize that they implement more than 500 ranking adjustments per year. We stay on top of these changes and adjust your website accordingly.
  • ONGOING SEO SERVICES. Organic SEO is a “long game”.  It’s not something you do once and forget about it.  In fact, it is common for content marketing SEO to require up to 9 months or more before pages rank adequately to make a difference.  With so many moving parts in the SEO strategy, we’re never doing exactly the same thing month after month.  Continual changes to technology and altorithms require that we adjust our task priorities on a month-to-month basis.  YOU benefit from our vast experience when we’re taking care of your SEO needs.
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS ACCCOUNT CREATION.  If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, we’ll set it up for you. This helps us analyze and adjust our keyword and content strategy to maximize your traffic and positive results.  
  • WEBMASTER TOOLS ACCOUNT CREATION. Webmaster Tools for Google and Bing are essential in our view so we create and install them if they don’t already exist.  This provides direct feedback from the search engines on your metrics.  The data helps us identify problems and guides us in the most relevant direction for our future activities on your behalf.
  • WEBSITE DESIGN & PERFORMANCE RECOMMENDATIONS.  Certain aspects of the design of a website and various technical settings can have a major impact on page load speeds and thus your SERP ranking. We pay attention to these and make adjustments where needed.
  • MONTHLY RANKING REPORTS & AUDIT. You’ll get a report each month showing your keywords and the ranking for every relevant page of your website along with a report of our progress and discussion of next steps.
  • INTERNET MARKETING CONSULTATION. As our client, we’re here for you.  We have vast experience and no secrets.  As us anything and we’ll give you the best advice we can muster!

Work with a Team of Talented SEO Ninjas

Although our SEO team leader has continuously worked at all aspects of digital marketing for more than 20 years, don’t think he’s the ONLY experienced professional. We’re proud to say our entire team is comprised of highly talented, experienced professionionals who have tackled every problem thrown at them.  You can have confidence that you’re in good hands as a Ranking Trainer client.

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