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People Love Good Content

At the core of the Google algorithm is, and always has been “good content”.  But what does this really mean?  Think of it from Google’s perspective. To them, the person searching is their customer. They want to deliver the very BEST the Internet has to offer to that customer. In other words, they must understand the intent of the query and deliver exactly what that searcher wants, and the very best information on that search on the Internet.  This is what search is all about.  People LOVE the fact that they can type in a phrase and in mere seconds, have the exact answer they’re looking for. So, to please your customer and Google’s, we ensure that EVERY page has . . . “good content.”

Google Loves Good Content

So what is Content Marketing? Well, in a sense “all” online marketing is content marketing. But it goes deeper than that. Content Marketing is a more subtle form of advertising under which the content itself “IS” the product sought by the customer. It must not appear to be pitching a product or service. It has to actually answer the question posed by the query.  BUT, since the goal for all Content Marketing is to produce a lead, a sale or monetized traffic or all three . . . certain subtleties are introduced. When it comes to lead-generation and e-commerce, Content Marketing includes carefully placed, non-sales-sounding links that are actually helpful to the reader.  Most Content Marketing is thought of as articles, such as those found in blogs. In fact in our opinion, ever website, including e-commerce websites, should have a blog.  The content found in well-done blogs adds and enormous amount of E.A.T. (Expertise. Authority. Trust.) to the website as a whole and to the SEO effort in general.

In short, as the saying goes in SEO, “Content is King.”

Our Content Marketing Ninjas

So, what does it take to be a Ranking Trainer Content Marketing Ninja?  VERY SMART, VERY GOOD WRITERS!  They must know how to write content that complies with the most current SEO standards for writing, while subly weaving in the elements that produce leads, sales and other results for our clients.  It’s not an easy task.  Not everyone can do it.  But we can!


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