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Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Delivering the Best We’ve Got to Every Client

We don’t care how small or large our clients are. We know that to YOU, the only thing that matters are the results YOU GET.  Our founder’s first website was online in 1996, well before Google was even “a thing.” Our operational manager has been continually doing this kind of work since 1998. What sets us apart from competitors is our depth of knowledge and experience, combined with a level of service rarely seen in our industry.  And yes . . . we DO answer the phone!

Our team is comprised of SEO’s, software and hardware engineers, copywriters, designers, paid ad specialists and a host of other professionals with the experience and know-how to get you found online and do it with class.  Join us and experience the difference when working with true professionals, for prices even less than agencies with only a fraction of our experience and skill. 

Our Awesome Management

Richard Gautad

Richard Gautad

Founder & Manager

Mr. Gaustad is the Manager of Ranking Trainer. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he previously founded 3 companies with 130 and 425 employees each doing $18 to $30 million in annual revenue. With a Bachelor’s Degree in music, he performs on the side, has 2 grown children a dog. In off time, he loves to explore, play music, watch movies and travel. Also see his LinkedIn profile.

Fhramar J. Delfin

Fhramar J. Delfin

Sales Manager

Fhramar started working for Mr. Gaustad 2014 at his Voifone Philippines call center.  He has owned a BPO and lives in the Philippines with his wife and three children. Fhrams loves all-things-digital-marketing and spends most of his leisure time in family and church activities near his home.

Gordon Clarke

Gordon Clarke


Gordon is an entrepreneur at heart. Gordon is a close friend and mentor of our founder along with serving as a Company Director. He is an expert full stack coder, is familiar with a broad range of Internet and database technologies and started multiple IT firms in Silicon Valley. Gordon spends time with his family and participates in athletic competitions like running, swimming and cycling . . . and he loves sci-fi movies!

Our Values

One key ranking factor for Google is E.A.T. which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. We figure this is a pretty good motto for how we ought to run our business. And we do.


Few agencies have the depth of business, technical, digital marketing and design skill and experience we have assembled.  With top management expertise pre-dating Google and the Internet itself, we have the experience that makes all the difference.


When the Google algorithm is evaluating websites for Authority, it takes TIME. Newbies aren’t automatically ranked as an authority on their subject matter until Google has a chance to thoroughly evaluate their content AND see how others react to it.  Our team is no different. We’ve already paid the price and proven our mastery of the digital marketing world. Now it’s time for YOU to experience the difference.


When we make a promise, we keep it.  There are too many agencies in the digital marketing space that promise the world and deliver very little. The first step is to understand what is possible. The second is to make commitments we can acutally keep. This is how trust is built. This is how we work.

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